Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Word Count Tuesday-Before-Wednesday SO I DON'T FORGET

What I have been working on:
I continue to write poems and rhymes, it seems to be a great way for me to vent, as well as express myself. Even if nobody ever reads a majority of what I have been writing, it feels as if I get some sort of therapy from it. My latest "project" is Experiment #7. My chapter is "wretched excess" and when I began reading the chapter, I instantly was informed on the main focus of excesses, and how they specifically can be wretched. It takes a "catalyst," someone or something that overtime makes the character go from "normal" arching into be excessive, and eventually, making a "wretched" decision that they cannot come back from. In was interesting to me because before reading the chapter I thought I had a overall understanding of excess. I have done research on this topic in a prior English course, but it never delved into the catalyst aspect. The chapter used a lot of Shakespearean plays as examples, because Shakespeare was the master of tragedy, which is usually the end result in "wretched excess". Anyways, I digress. My "wretched excess" plot is now under development... My head is leaning towards a "breaking bad-esque" story but about a normal guy who gets tossed into this underworld of drug trafficking and kingpinship. I think the way I will put my own spin on it is by putting the story in a different time period, whether it will be the past or the future is undecided.

What I have been reading:
Obviously the 20 plots book. The Ocean at The End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman has taken the biggest turn I could have ever expected. If anybody has read this book then you know exactly what twist I am referring to. (No, I am not going to spoil it) I have been binge-reading it and, honestly, it feels really great being engaged in a book again. It has been forever for me...

How this makes me feel:
It is rally refreshing being drawn into a story, like I said before, It has been along time for me. I think the most interesting part is how boring I believed this book was prior to this twist! My poems and rhymes make me feel at ease once they are finished, and who knows, maybe I will start to post more of them on my blog! I hope Everyone had a good spring break, and is reading and writing!

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  1. Sounds like I need to read that Neil Gaiman book!

    I'm glad the writing seems to be flowing along for you, and I like the idea of a wretched excess story that takes place in a different era than our own. (Sci-Fi and Wretched Excess might be a fascinating combination.)