Friday, January 27, 2017

Experiment #4

Experiment #4(Write a page 'median res' of a story) By Kenneth Marshall

Everything was beginning to come into focus for Ben. He realized the answers to everything that was a problem in his life. Yet Ironically, his focused view was only for but a moment. The attacker swung and hit Ben once again directly across his right upper jaw line. Ben blacked out...

When Benjamin Walker woke up, he opened his eyes slowly while he groaned and sighed, thinking in his brain that, one:his wedding ring was missing from his finger, and two: he couldn't remember the night before... Ben finally opened his eyes fully, and by fully--to a jumped and hungover man-- that meant squinting intensely.

Somehow with all the confusion going around and around in Ben's boozed and bruised head, he still felt like whatever transpired last night was for a reason. He mustered up the energy to sit up and assess his embarrassing situation.

Ben was wearing a silver tuxedo with a blue collared shirt underneath. His shirt and jacket both had minor blood and dirt on them, most likely due to his location being the middle of an industrial park. He could see that familiar highway running past it, making him feel just a little bit of happiness.

After getting up and scrambling through his various pockets to realize that none of his belongings were on his person anymore, he took another confused look around the buildings and different colored construction vehicles.

Ben started slowly limping towards the main road out of the industrial park, not enjoying any aspect of the adventure ahead of him. The road turned left and up, very steeply, toward the highways of his oh so familiar city of Wratten. And again, everything at a second glance became seemingly dull.

Some could say it was his hangover kicking in or it was his anxiety of getting mugged and not knowing if it could be more than that, but for Ben, not having his wedding ring was making his whole situation ten times more unbearable...


Monday, January 23, 2017

Song Experiment

"Getting Old of The New" (In the tune of a tragic comedy folktale; string quartet)
(Lead Singer) 
Almost all of it is at an expense,
Everything around us, i feel it's repress--                                                   
you would rather be better somehow,
knowing me--i would too--so lets go buy stuff now,

Can somebody please just express,
why we obsess over such an embarrassing mess--
soon the next best will come out,
knowing you--same here too--it makes us lesser now,

If only we had infinite money,
its smells just like honey--yet it makes life so crumby,
tune your ears to hear me loud,
knowing me--it is true--love of life is all you need now,

(Back-up Vocalists)
All of this gadgetry--its such a huge travesty,
none of its naturally making me live happily,

(Lead Singer and Back-Up)
Getting old of the new, so what should i do?
Take a look at life, and the simple things--
that's when its hits you, love and life will get everyone through.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Two Brothers' Morning

The Two Brothers' Morning

On one morning's rise, the sun opened it's eyes to the world brighter then ever before. The two brother's eyes came alive to begin the day.

As the two brothers remembered their night's full of dreams, the breeze blew on by them and it let them know that today is beautiful.

The two brothers smiled from warmth and excitement, they looked at each other with their smiles and greeted one another. The view from their bedroom windowsill was breathtaking.

They so swiftly put on their shirts and pants that they forgot to first take off their pajamas! Oh how their excitement was fueling their happiness.

In the air was the smell of the most aromatic breakfast feast those two brother could have ever dreamed of! It was like they had fallen back asleep.

The two brothers once again looked at one another, and in agreement, they both bolted for the doorknob, to let the smell flow into their bedroom.

They bounced off the walls as well as each other, racing down the hallway and around the tight corner which led down the stairs.

From the gleaming sunlight, to the smell of the feast that awaited, to the laughter and chuckles of each other, it all added up to a value that is priceless.

As the two brothers played imaginary duels, their mother put their plates on the dining room table.
The quickly bowed in respect from one noble knight to another.

The two brother picked up their forks and began to eat. Everything tasted mouthwatering, so much so that the once briefly lively room became silent with contempt.

"Today is beautiful," both the boys thought as they ate.

As a child, I remember thinking everyday that I woke up was a better day then the previous one. No matter what the day had in store for me, it was during that morning that I knew, I knew that it was a beautiful day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Road Rage 101

Okay, I'm always one for compromises and making deals- but the problem with driving is humans. We tend to let ur emotions flow through our gas pedals and our steering wheels. Whether it just isn't our day, or the world is out  to get us, everybody has experienced road rage.

The strangest and also most humorous aspect about road rage is how it is seen from on-lookers. When I am in a car with my friends and we see two other cars road raging, it is seen as either funny, or moronic. If we all could agree that the humor stems from our imagination, we may be able to unravel road raging in society.