Thursday, March 30, 2017

Word Count Thursday lol

What have I been reading:
I have been slacking on the reading aspect of this blog... But maybe later (famous last words)

What I have been writing:
I have been devoted to furthering my narrative story "Just Another World" Chapter 3. I have a few brainstormed concepts that I want to take with the story, but I do not know if it will effect the over all story arch positively or negatively. (Read chapter 2 before reading this next part, SPOILERS)

Stakaya had to run home because his mother, Kaya, had just saved them both from an animal attack while on their little adventure. The idea I had for this was to flash forward about four or five years into Stakaya's life. He would be running on that same path, but for his own pleasure and athleticism (He is training to be a warrior, like his older brother and father). Unfortunately, my main topic of this story is the family as a whole. Stak, Kaya, Ayak, Kara, and Stakaya (in that order). If I flash forward, I will need to eventually flashback, for the rest of Stak and Kaya's kids development. As of right now I am developing Kara and Ayak's characters in Chapter 3.

How does this make me feel:
Like a writer who is passionate about his project. I can see myself completing this as a book, and that has been an aspiration of  I was a child.

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